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GEE  (Hebei Haihao High Pressure Flange &Pipe Fitting Group Gee Pipe Co.,Ltd),

Is subsidiary of Haihao group  which with China well-known trademark "Haihao" face to high-end market at home and abroad,  

GEE  is engaged in offering the industrial pipe manufacturing and engineering services be the international standard management enterprise. The  new building industry base ,5 H industrial base (high level, high qualification, high quality, high credibility, high performance-to-price ratio),  is located in cangxian wulongtang industrial zone ,which own independent intellectual property rights, standardization of research and development and testing of the ability of world-class companies.

In 2013, the company invested 180 million yuan to build world-level standardization production base ,the factory covers  area of 112000 square meters, construction area of 40000 square meters. The first phase of the  project will be completed and put to use,at the end of August in 2014, it will reach the level of developed  countries that quality, packaging, service, logistics , Make a truly world-class products and company

At the same time, the region's first through the international laboratory accreditation cooperation (ILAC), international recognition BBS (IAF) authority certification CNAS laboratory will completed, to ensure product quality in a leading level, at the same time can also be used for quality detection the region in the same industry , for the pressure vessel and pipe fittings products into the high-end market at home and abroad to provide security. And, the company will achieve ISO9001-2008 quality system certification, the European Union and the Middle East countries of the classification society certification, the European Union PED certification, American ASME certification, the Canadian CRN certificate and a series of products into the high-end market passport at home and abroad, to establish the brand of "Haihao *GEE" recognition and reputation all over the world.

GEE leading superiority in experimental testing, quality assurance, production, marketing, qualification, etc, 

Experimental testing:

CNAS national laboratory system:CNAS lab is approved by China's conformity assessment national committee for approval, and access to the international mutual recognition of the authority of the laboratory. CNAS lab have in accordance with relevant international standards to carry out the calibration/testing technical ability, to ensure the veracity and reliability of the data issued by. The laboratory accreditation system in China on December 3, 1999 have been with the asia-pacific laboratory cooperation organization (APLAC) 12 of the main members of the authorised institutions signed a mutual recognition agreement, in November 2000 and laboratory accreditation system in our country and the organization (EA) recognition and co-operation in Europe and South Africa, Brazil, the laboratory accreditation agencies signed a mutual recognition agreement, so far our country has 37 countries and 27 countries and regions and economic and trade area of laboratory accreditation agencies to achieve the mutual recognition agreement. Approved laboratory in China as well as the approval issued by the laboratory test/calibration data started to be recognised by the international community, and implement the inspection/calibration international standards of quality management system. So, the ordered products require foreign enterprises issued by CNAS laboratory testing qualified report. At present, we are certified CNAS laboratory is the only CNAS laboratory in the industry in this region, not only can this enterprise products, improve the management level and technical ability, can also for enterprises in the same industry in this area in terms of product testing, issued by internationally recognised quality reports, for enterprise services in t

His region, the escort to create products for China.

Quality guarantee:Hai hao group has advanced test evaluation center at the national level. In 2011, "Hai hao " trademark was granted  "China well-k
nown trademark"by the state administration for industry and commerce , is the first "China well-known trademark" enterprise in industry of pipe  fittings of China . Haihao group always maintain leading position all time .in 1999, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, which is member of manufacture license of the special equipment the People's Republic of China, is supplier for China's oil and natural gas corporation, China petroleum and chemical group co., LTD., state power company power plant fitting network . In 2008 passed the American bureau of shipping ABS and bureau veritas cert

Ification.Approved  AAA credit enterprise by the Agricultural Bank of China Hebei branch .

Manufacturing: GEE now has 20 advanced flanges and pipe fittings supporting production lines, and excellent technics in Forging, Pressing, Intermediate frequency pushing system, machining, Cold forming, Hot extrusion, Heat treatment and other exquisite craft.,Produce the international and domestic standards of high, medium and low pressure of various specifications of the stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel flange, elbow, bend, tee, reducer, and socket series pipe fittings . In 2011, GEE invested a set of automation which possessed high technical content of large forging equipment (Forge 50 tons of forging fittings, grinding ring diameter more than 5 meters), for forging large forgings filled the void in our province, and made CCMI association certificate.

Marketing: Accumulation of traditional marketing with more than 30 years , Hai hao has a good visibility and reputation at home and abroad. , GEE  occupy the advantage of electronic commerce,joint the excellent team of experts, the region's most outstanding e-commerce, develop electronic commerce integrated marketing, and through the system  training, staff can quickly grow into elite in E- commerce area.

  The main products 

²  pressure vessel  and fittings

²  steel pipe and fittings

²  high standard flange


Walked factory

Company history

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