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Enterprise Mission
Justify “made in China”, let “made in China” become the pronouns of high quality products, singing “ made in China”.
Enterprise Vision
We are committed to become pipe fittings industry leading brand, the most excellent and most respected industrial pipe one-stop export service providers
Enterprise Value
More Than Made In China
Enterprise Spirit(HCIP)
Honest:Courage to do, Insist on the right path, be brave in admitting mistake. Integrity means have the courage to insist on your faith; Integrity means voluntary obedience;Do a saint, that is a special case;Do a man of integrity, that is on track.
Careful:Thought if rigorous, method will be rigorousl; Not afraid of mistake, afraid repeat mistake.
Innovative:Innovation is everywhere, No one can't; No way with their feet, then with the head.
Practical:With 100% of the enthusiasm to do 1%things, put the idea into action; Practicability that is make details do better.

Enterprise Core Competitiveness        5H(HIGH)
High Standard: Product technical parameters above standard , service attitude and content exceed customer expectations
High Qualification:Through the world authoritative institutions with high precision production qualification certification
High Quality: From raw materials - production - processing - packaging - storage - transportation links of a little bit stronger than rivals
High Reputation:What we say is that we do, We do is we're talking about.
High added value:GEE let quality leading and service forever

Team Slogan
The king of the Wolf Team:
The Wolf walked thousands of miles to eat meat, dog walked thousands of miles to eat excrement, Wolf king king, Cangzhou the strongest!
Ordinary creat miracle, Performance breakthrough dream, Leap mountains and obstacles, Show me pegasus great power!
Top Team:
GEE foreign trade, top made, Like wolves and tigers, the most proud of Hebei!

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