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 If you through GEE business School professional, perfection,fun On-the-job training,and pass our rigorous and systematic assessment graduation, join us GEE team, you can: 

1. Exchanges with people in various countries around the world, you will find that each customer is so fun! 

2 with a group of dreams, inspirational and passionate young people together, grow together! 

3 Use the GEE learned to gallop the network, become a electricity business experts! 

4 Join a solicitous, warm as home’s team, daily shuttle happily between little family and big family! 

5 to attend the annual GEE Cup basketball, chess, happy work, happy life! 

6 Use GEE platform to increase revenue, happy family, be respected! 

7 has a clear career development paths and broad space for career development! 

8 with brothers and sister scelebrate the birthday together, along with K song, barbecue together, crazy together! 

9 Goes hand in hand, traveled the great mountains and rivers of the motherland! 

10 in the company's eco-park fishing, In the gym crazy ...... 

11 in the enough holidays to spend time at home with our parents, help others and enjoy life! 

Meaningful GEE team still have a lot to do ......


GEE BusinessSchool creating professional marketing expert 

1 It doesn’t matter whether or not you did sales before.  you like communicate with people is the most important! 

2 If you like to put a stranger into a friend, that you would like to do sales! 

3 If you enjoy the feeling of making customer becomes a friend and then selling some products to them ,you have the potential to become a good salesman! 

4 If you like challenges like competition, willing and master "PK" contest, then you would be a very good salesman! 

5 If you can work hard, has the power of don’t reach goal don't give up , then you can definitely become a TOPSALES! 

6 If you do not like lively, a torpor not matter, as long as you like to communicate with friends, think for the friend, like helping friend, you can become a big customer care experts! 

Professional? WEDON'TCARE! 

As long as you are a rest less person, as long as you are a person who likes to communicate with people, just like you like the challenge of everyday life are not the same, as long as you are a person who has a strong sense of accomplishment, wharever professional you learn , you are born sales, don’t let yourself trapped commotion heart by professional! 

English is not good? NOTIMPORTANT! 


As long as you can speak a few words, as long as you can write a few words, as long as you want to learn. As long as you like foreign trade industry, then you can come! Practice has proved that English CET 4 of the business do better than English CET 8  Even if you  don’t pass the CET 4, as long as you are willing to learn want to learn , as long as you like to do sales, then you can come! Here are learning platform, there are domestic platform! 

Experience? NONEED! 


As long as you enter the GEE Business School, eager to learn conscious work.don’t have experience is doesn’t matter! Our team grow up by helping one by one! 

If you think this is you want, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now! 

If you're a little more reserved, then send your most unique resume to us! 

Dear, if you want to stand out, don’t send your stereotyped resume!

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