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The relevant introduction of eccentric diameter tube

Eccentric different diameter pipe diameter that is multiplied by the head diameter multiplied by the thickness....MORE

Japan has restarted a second reactor1 at a nuclear power plant in the southwest of the country.


Interpretation of carbon steel reducing tee

carbon steel reducing tee is also a kind of pipe, there are generally two kinds of. Size three, both ends of the same diameter...MORE

Detailed model and material of carbon steel

Product Name: different diameter pipe. Can be customized according to requirements. - Product specification: 18mm-2220mm - size: wall thickness is larger than 2mm, the wall thickness can be in accordance with the requirements of manufacturing....MORE

Corrosion resistance of carbon steel elbow

The resistance of air, steam, carbon steel elbow water erosion medium and weak acid, alkali, salt and other chemical etching medium corrosion of steel. Also known as stainless steel. In practical application, it is often used to be resistant to corrosion medium corrosion of steel called stainless steel stamping elbow...MORE

Flange sealing principle

The principle of flange sealing bolt flange connection is the most common use of chemical equipment, involving a wider range of connection, flange connection by a pair of flanges, a number of bolts and nuts and gaskets. In theory, the flange gasket seal is compulsory, that is, through the fastening bolts to...MORE

Composition of different diameter tubes

Machinery industry standard JB / T 5896-91 of siliceous ceramic (porcelain) is defined for the blank by clay,...MORE

ASME B16.5 flange

Flange type a lot of mechanical equipment on the top of the object, the flange of the model is also a lot of applications in different machines with different names, flange can be used in all walks of life, has a very wide range of uses....MORE

How to deal with the stainless steel flange corrosion

When corrosion of stainless steel flange after the how to do?? and the how to detect it was corrupted by it? After the corrosion of the stainless steel flange, usually for the stainless steel flange pipe wall thinning, local pits and pitting....MORE

What works for the anticorrosion of Concentric Reducer

This comparison is also need to use variable in concentric Concentric Reducer corrosion protection is a lot of engineering using Concentric Reducer when necessary, for example...MORE

Packing and mark of flange

Flanges shall be in accordance with the specifications, material, respectively, packaging. At the time of delivery should be accompanied by certificate of product, each flange diameter should be to mark...MORE

What is the carbon steel reducing tee

carbon steel reducing tee is a kind of pipe fittings, is used extensively in daily life, we can also be common, is the kind of three hole, namely a import, two exports; or the two inlet...MORE

Simple introduction of steel elbow

The material of steel elbow is not limited to the steel, but also including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc., from the production process includes: stamping, push system, welding, forging....MORE

Manufacturing technology of carbon steel elbow

Steel elbow in the modern industry, the application is very broad, the market has a lot of places need to steel elbow, is the so-called demand on the market, so the steel elbow in the production process has been developed....MORE

Related knowledge of concentric reducer

The different diameter pipe is also called the concentric reducer, in the modern industrial city, it is widely used. The forming process is used in the process of reducing the diameter of the tube, the diameter of the tube is reduced, the diameter of the tube is reduced....MORE

International standard system of Concentric Reducer

Concentric different diameter pipe is, the connection form is directly to the different diameter pipe and steel pipe butt welding, concentric different diameter pipe of the main manufacturing standards is generally GB/T12459, GB/T13401, ASME B16.9, SH3408, SH3409, HG/T21635, HG/T21631, SY/T0510....MORE

Hope is after insist on


A positive mental attitude stimulate the biggest potential


Concentric Reducer market price


Concentric Reducer standard


The new standards and forming technology of Concentric Reducer


Factors of influencing the development of the enterprise Concentric Reducer


Corrosion of Concentric Reducer


Carbon steel reducing tee price


Carbon steel reducing tee


Concentric Reducer introduction


Production method of Concentric Reducer


China Concentric reducer


Concentric Reducer


The National Day holiday notice

Dear My friends,Our holiday date is below......MORE

ANSI B16 or ASME B16 or both?

Many (pro?)fessionals, suppliers and manufacturers often talk about ANSI flanges, ANSI fittings etc. Just do a search on any Standards providers website for ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.10 etc. - You will not find that standards, because they do not exist......MORE

GEE copyright protection

Translated to Global Excellent Exporter, the graphics use the shape of pipeline to express the strict control to the product quality and the best wishes of using pipeline to connect the world and friendly development. At present, GEE graphics copyright has formally entered the stage of protection....MORE

CNAS laboratory start to construct

CNAS national laboratory system:CNAS lab is approved by China's conformity assessment national committee for approval, and access to the international mutual recognition of the authority of the laboratory. CNAS lab have in accordance with relevant international standards to carry out the calibration/testing technical ability, to ensure the veracity and reliability of the data issued by. The laboratory accreditation system in China on December 3, 1999 have been with the asia-pacific laboratory cooperation organization.........MORE

GEE Got The Fisrt Prize In The Show Of Industial Zone

On the morning of August 1st, the county party committee secretary Xue Zelin, county magistrate Mao Changjun, Wang Yujun......MORE


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