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Flange sealing principle

The principle of flange sealing bolt flange connection is the most common use of chemical equipment, involving a wider range of connection, flange connection by a pair of flanges, a number of bolts and nuts and gaskets. In theory, the flange gasket seal is compulsory, that is, through the fastening bolts to achieve sealing gasket. Flange sealing surface regardless of after many precision processing, from the micro perspective, the surface there is always uneven, gasket under the bolt force enable gasket is embedded on the surface to the flange sealing surface uneven, grooves and fill to eliminate leakage channels in order to achieve sealing. Bolt pre tightening, the bolt force to make the gasket and the sealing surface between the two flange sealing force, that is, the pre tightening than the pressure, different gasket material has a corresponding preload than the pressure, pre tightening than the pressure to produce a certain degree of deformation and ensure the contact surface sealing. When there is a medium load in the device, the internal pressure force of the pad to make the pressing force of the gasket is lower than the pre tightening. In order to ensure the sealing performance under the condition of the medium load, the pressure of the gasket can still maintain a certain value to ensure that no leakage of flange seal


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