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Interpretation of carbon steel reducing tee
carbon steel reducing tee is also a kind of pipe, there are generally two kinds of. Size three, both ends of the same diameter, branch and other two different diameter called different diameter three.
Three for pipe fittings, pipe fittings. Also known as pipe fitting three or three pipe fittings, stainless steel, diameter three, three through joints, use in the main pipe to the branch pipe.
Tee is a three hole, namely a import, two exports; or the two inlet, an outlet of a chemical pipe fittings, T-shaped and Y-shaped, has the same diameter nozzle, different diameter pipe for three of the same or different lines come together. The main effect of [1] three is to change the direction of fluid.
Piping tee fitting points for the mechanical tee and ISO trench tee, groove mechanical tee and the ordinary three-way; three links to make partition method can be classified as the top of three-way, pressing tee, forged tee, welding, casting tee etc. Three according to the shape of the divided two, equal tee and tee. Tee is three mouth size.

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